Ascent To The Peak of Mount Kinabalu, 4100 meters


4101 meters above the tropical forests of Borneo spoken of Mount Kinabalu. It is the highest peak in South East Asia after the Himalayas and the snow-capped mountains of New Guinea. Gore constantly changeable: with golden sunsets and flowering trees, and sometimes with strong storms. Sometimes the fog surrounds the hill and then it is easy to believe the legends of the local Kadazan tribe, that the peak of the mountain spirits of the house.

Mount Kinabalu comes with accompaniment of a local guide in two stages: the rise from 8 am to 17.00 of the day to a height of 3270 meters to overnight Laban Rata (Laban Rata). The second stage – climbing to the top of 4101 meters, 2.30 am to 4.00 am to watch the sunrise over the island of Borneo, and come down from the top. Road up the hill there, and everything necessary for guests at Laban Rata, porters are on the back. Cargo weight can reach 30 kilograms!

If you are an athlet, you can participate in the most difficult global race of Mount Kinabalu (The World’s Toughest Mountain Race), which is held annually the last weekend of October. Participants of the race must be as fast as possible up to the height of 4101 meters and go down. In the race to 24 and 25 October 2009 was attended by more than 400 athletes. The total length of the route up and down is 21 kilometer. The record time set in 2012 the Spaniard Kilian Zhdornet. She ran the distance in 2 hours 11 minutes.