Danum Valley


Danum Valley is located about 82 kilometers (in the 2-hour ride mostly on logging roads) west of Lahad Datu, the fourth largest city of Sabah. It occupies 43,800 hectares of virgin forest. This huge reserve of lush tropical forest with a rich and unique flora and fauna of Sabah. This area has one of the most complex ecosystems in the world. The area is unique in that before becoming a conservation area, it was no residential settlements, which means that hunting, deforestation, and there were no other human intervention.

«Danum Valley Field Centre» – is a research institution, which was built for scientists for educational purposes. There’s a cottage – «Borneo Rainforest Lodge», where tourists can stay.

Danum Valley offers visitors the opportunity to get experience in environmental, traveling in wild thickets wonderful ancient rainforest. Hot and humid jungle teeming with tropical trees, long lianas, orchids and exotic overhanging epiphytes.

danum10_300x200Danum Valley is located at the upper reaches of the second largest river of Sabah – Zegama and its tributaries. Basically, Danum Valley is hilly but not mountainous. The highest point is 1093 meters (3585 feet), which is located on Mount Danum.

This is one of the few places in the world that have such an impressive spectacle of nature in its purest form.


Waterfall Tembeling

danum4_200x300The road to the waterfall takes about one to two hours on a beautiful flora and fauna.

7-level swimming pool Sungai Purut (Sungai Purut 7-tiered pools)

One of the most amazing waterfalls and pools located in Sungai Purut Danum Valley Reserve (Danum Valley Conservation Area) on the way to the highest point Gunung Danum. Sungai Purut – a 20-meter waterfall with a 7-level swimming pool. The road to the waterfall takes about 4 hours through the jungle from the research institution «Danum Valley Field Centre».

Madai Caves

Here, for over 21 generations, the local tribe Idahan collects Chinese delicacy bird’s nest. Gunung Danum or Mt. Danum (Mt. Danum) – this is the highest point of the reserve Danum Valley, which reaches 1093 meters.

The burial cave

Burial Cave – is a special place, around which developed the myths and legends of the population korrenom Borneo Orang Sungai (Orang Sungai).

Other interesting places

Other interesting places – located near Rafflesia Hill (hill Rafflesia) where Rafflesia grows, Pool Rhino (Rhino Pool), which was once seen the Sumatran rhino, and Gunung Nikola (Gunung Nicola), the second highest point in the area.

Hiking trails

For tourists there are more than 50 km of hiking trails, including a separate tourist route (self guided Nature Trail).

Note: For the safety of all visitors, hike or walk through the jungle must be accompanied by a guide.


You may encounter: the Sumatran rhinoceros, Asian elephant, orangutan, western tarsier, flying lemurs, leopard cat, muntjac, chevrotain, sambar deer, bearded pig, Malay civet, long-tailed monkey, slow loris, clouded leopard, giant flying squirrel, Malayan bear, smooth-coated otter, lesser apes, as well as rare pygmy elephants of Borneo.


Malay gomray, three-toed forest kingfisher, Crimson Sunbird, Blue Irena, Malay fish owl, and wavy Kala Kala and hornbill.