Birds and animals Paradise (Sandakan Sukau)


For lovers of nature and animals, we offer a two-day or three-day tour in Sandakan and Sukau.

Sandakan is on the east coast of Borneo in 320 kilometers from the city of Kinabalu. You can get there by car (7 hours drive) or by plane (35 minutes flight).

Visit the largest center for orangutans (orangutan translated from Malay “forest man”); where the cubs learn to survive in the wild, and then released into the wild. You can watch the feeding of animals.

In Sandakan, you can:

  • Walk along the suspension bridge in search of sun bear;
  • Go to Skull Island (boat departs 9:30 am), where the year to lay eggs crawling sea green turtles and relax on the white beach of the island. For the protection and breeding of these rare turtles, marine reserve rangers carefully dig up the eggs, transferred and buried their protective custody. When the turtles hatch, they are released into the sea;
  • Visit the museum of the famous writer Agnes Keith – known author of three books titled “The Land Below the Wind”, “Three Came Home (based on the book made into a film)”, “Return of the White Man.” Stay next door at the English Tea House, where you can watch another spectacular view of Sandakan.
  • Visit Puu Jeeha Shih Buddhist Temple, located on a steep hill where you will have a great opportunity to see Sandakanky Bay and City Center;
  • Seen Sandakanskogo Memorial Park, which is adjacent to the historical site of Sandakan POW camp. The park commemorates the sacrifice and suffering, made by Australian and British soldiers who were kept as prisoners of war Japanese between 1942 and 1945.

Sukau best place to observe birds and animals in Borneo.

Here you can:

  • Cruise on the Kinabatangan river to see a lot of animals and birds. Sukau is home to 10 species, namely: Monkey Nosach, langurs, macaque, orangutan, slow loris, western tarsier; 8 species of hornbills, such as: Hornbill, Colorful Hornbill, Black Hornbill, Helmeted Hornbill (50kg / 120cm), as well as kingfishers, bulbs, trogony, flycatchers, sunbirds, ducks, herons, mangrove snakes, vipers, crocodiles, pygmy elephants of Borneo and others;
  • Participate in an unforgettable day and night walks through the forest in search of birds and animals;
  • Located in a chalet with all amenities on the river bank, where in the morning you will wake up to the melodies of birds and cicadas.