Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai

“Some say it’s paradise” It is translated slogan Nexus Karambunai Hotel on the island of Borneo.

This is an amazing and beautiful place you will want to come back here again! The hotel is located in 28 km from the center of Kota Kinabalu, the capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah and 35km from the international airport. The exclusive complex is located at the edge of one of the largest beaches on the island, including pristine jungle. Includes 3 private beaches, separated by sections of this jungle, which for hotel guests are organized tours on the themes of “rain forest”, “birds of Borneo”, “cruise along the mangrove river”, “whale sharks and green turtles,” “catching crabs,” etc. .d.

On the site there are several golf courses and there is a golf club, where you can get everything you need for this game, including master classes from experienced instructors. The hotel consists of a main 5-storey building “Ocean” with a sea view and a 6-storey buildings surrounded by lush tropical garden. The Hotel has 485 beautifully appointed guest rooms, each including mini bar, kitchenette, internet access, microwave, refrigerator.

Throughout the day you can enjoy a relaxing massage or visit the playground for a game of squash, children’s club, jacuzzi, gym. The hotel has several restaurants ( “Penyu Coffee House” – a restaurant with outdoor terrace, “Olives Mediterranean Restaurant” – a Mediterranean restaurant, “Noble House Chinese Restaurant” -Traditional Chinese cuisine, “Kingfisher Malaysian Restaurant” – the ship’s surroundings, restaurant specializes in seafood and offers a large variety of Malaysian delicacies, “The Horizon Lobby Lounge”) and several bars, one of them “Darlin’Darlin’Club” after 8 pm live music and a DJ, you can enjoy the remix world hits. On the terrace are satellite online broadcast sporting events on a giant screen. Warm evening, good wine on the comfortable terrace surrounded by lush greenery, the sounds of the surf – you will be fascinated by the exotic of these places and comfort that will surround you.

By the way, the hotel lives a large number of egrets. Their symbolic image adorns the hotel’s logo. For outdoor enthusiasts it offers several routes. First of all, it is a natural park Kinabalu, located at an altitude of 1560m above sea level. You can visit it by yourself or with a guide. The undisputed attraction throughout Southeast Asia Mount Kinabalu. Its top is at 4095m above sea level. You can take a day trip and climb to the top, accompanied by a guide. One of the most exciting moments of this beautiful dawn at an altitude of 4 km. And it does not necessarily spend the night in a tent on a steep slope. At an altitude of 3273m, it is a small hotel Laban Rata, where you can spend the night and have breakfast and somewhere around 5 in the morning you will have to wait for a grand spectacle – sunrise in the mountains.

The next route is Gomantong cave near the town of Sandakan. This is a unique place, where there are more than 1 million swifts. Twice a year, a special collectors using rattan ladder, collect nests Swifts. Cave Simud Hitam famous for its stalactites. Not far from Sandakan town and Bilit Kinabatangan River in the lower reaches is located the Natural Park, which is inhabited by the most unusual monkey proboskisy. Next to them, orangutans, macaques, elephants, clouded leopards, hornbills and other rare animals and birds. If you enjoy rafting, you have a great opportunity to experience the Padas River. This is a real third category of complexity.The bonus will be a magnificent view of the valley Padasskoe. For diving enthusiasts in the south-east of Sabah is the marine natural park around a coral Sipadan island. This is the most famous place in divers who F-Cousteau and dedicated one of his films.

A few places worth mentioning is the Semporna – a former fishing village that has become a center of marine tourism (diving, water skiing, surfing, sea fishing, fresh seafood). And on the neighboring island of Pulau Bohey Dulang located farm for the breeding of Japanese pearls, where you can see yourself growing process and that nice, pick up a pearl gift. In the vicinity of Tambunan is a unique forest reserve carnivorous flower – Rafflesia (is from Malaysia characters). There in the jungle on the border of the Natural Park of the Crocker Range is Mavah waterfall. If you get to Tenom town (it’s south of the state, near the town of Beaufort), then you will be one of the attractions of these places, Tenomsky garden of orchids, of which there are about 600 species and cultural center of the ethnic Murut who have a unique home, the whole village is located under one long roof. Muruty very hospitable, cheerful people fond of singing and dancing. In their long house is always a place for guests, who decided to stay for the night.

Kota Kinabalu city of half a million that can be called a very nice southern seaside resort. There is everything, and large shopping malls, and entertainment venues, and a large number of restaurants with a wide range of kitchen (from the Philippines to Italy). Unique fish market, where you will cook freshly caught fish (huge portion of tuna, grilled, will cost only 10-12 Ringgit). The grand mosque with a golden dome stands in the middle of a large pond. There are museums, a yacht club, marine terminal, a large Zoo Lowe Kavi with rare species of animals and botanical garden which contains rare and unique plants.

From the hotel to the city center Nexus runs a large comfortable bus-shuttle. He has several flights a day and ride on it free. In addition, there are minibuses and anytime you can order a taxi.

You can choose any of these routes, and we will do everything that you had a great time. In a word Borneo is magical! The island, which is able to please everyone, and it’s not easy, because everyone wants to see something different and everyone has their own idea about the rest.

If you want to see how a paradise looks like, the best place is found only here!


It located near the sea and surrounded by tropical forests, just 28 kilometers from the city center of Kota Kinabalu and 38 kilometers from the international airport. The total area of 3335 acres of the hotel.

BorneoGardenDeluxe. 236 rooms, built in Malaysian-style villas, surrounded by a garden with a balcony (42.5 m2).

OceanPanoramaDeluxe. The five-storey building of 243 rooms with a balcony and sea view (42.5 m2).

NexusClubDeluxe. BorneoGardenDeluxe Rooms (42.5 m2) with the privileges of the registration in the rooms, free broadbend (portable Internet), 40% discount on laundry, 10% discount at the spa, a free cocktail at the club, complimentary breakfast at the club.


Kettle, mini bar, shower, bathtub, safe, TV, telephone, air conditioning, hair dryer, iron, ironing board, slippers, bathrobe, cable internet.

The new wing

New wing for complete privacy, located two kilometers from the main lobby. In the main lobby and villas Buses.Wi-Fi in the lobby, in the rooms only wired internet. Restaurant with European and Asian food. Guests living in the villas have the opportunity to cook barbecue dinner directly at the villa.

PoolVilla. Each villa has its own swimming pool, large living room with dining table and kitchen. One large bedroom with a large bed and a second bedroom with twin beds is ideal for a family holiday.

SpaSuite. The cozy rooms with a kitchen and living room, with two or one bedroom and a balcony with sea views. The building has an elevator.


Kettle, mini bar, shower, bathtub, safe, TV, telephone, air conditioning, hair dryer, iron, ironing board, slippers, bathrobe and sofa.

Sports & Entertainment

Three swimming pools, a gym from 7: 00-21: 00, courts for tennis from 7: 00-21: 00, the famous golf course with 18 holes, squash, walking through the woods with a guide, bike rental, Laguna Park in five minutes away from the lobby offers different types of water sports, a cruise on the river and fishing.


Children’s swimming pool, games room with a 9: 00-21: 00 with a children’s program, a playground, babysitting on request.


The longest sandy beach (6 km).