Duration: 6 hours                               Departure time: 
Frequency: Daily                                City hotel: 08:00 am
Meals: Lunch                                      Outskirt Hotel: 7:15 am

Tour brings you to different spots with different attractions in Crocker Range park where you can get picturesque views and interesting experience with nature – Rafflesia Centre, Kipandi Butterfly park and  Mahua Waterfall. The Crocker Range National Park lying 300 metres above sea level, it is spread over 1,399 kilometers making it the largest protected park in all of Sabah. The Crocker Range has been under protection as a forest reserve since 1968 but was declared as a National Park in 1984 to protect its rich biodiversity and rare species of plants and wildlife, also in part to protect the natural freshwater reserve area.

08:00 Meet at hotel lobby. Depart to Tambunan, a district that is known for its largest Dusun population. The journey ushers you through the Crocker Range, a parade of lush scenery and spectacular vistas of the country-side.

09:00 A visit to the Kipandi Butterfly Park for the ultimate chance to see these rare beauties flutter before your eyes, like the Rajah Brooks and the Golden Birdwings. Also pay a visit to The Insect Museum and The Native Plants Collection Park to see some of the endangered Orchids and Pitcher Plants of Sabah.

10:30 Spot the notorious Rafflesia in its gargantuan bloom, at the Tambunan Rafflesia Information Centre. For all your informational needs, a ranger will be at your side to fill you in on all the interesting facts and details of the terrain and location of the Rafflesia. This includes a jungle-trek along the forest trail to spot the Rafflesia. Some trails may consider a fair amount of walking as the plot section isn’t predictable. With sporadic blooming periods and unpredictable flowering patterns, it’s best if you give STB (Sabah Tourism Board) a call for information and to avoid any disappointment. Continue journey to the Rafflesia Information Centre, where you will meet the ranger that will guide through the jungle trails in search of the celebrated Rafflesia in its gargantuan bloom.

12:00 Proceed to Mahua waterfall, awaits in Tambunan, which is 55 minutes away from the Rafflesia Centre.

13:00 Lunch in local café near Mahua waterfall. After lunch the refreshing Waterfall will feel very well-deserving after a 500m trek, plus, you wouldn’t want to miss the magnificent view.

15:00 After a great day of exploration, depart back for Kota Kinabalu to your respective hotel.


Things to bring:
Comfortable shoes; Rafflesia center and park Kipandi butterflies situated at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, so there can be cool; Raincoat or umbrella.

* Time of departure from many hotels may vary. Please check again with our employees.
* The specified time – indicative and may be amended. The Company is not responsible for the change of time for reasons beyond our control.