Crocker Range National Park + Kipandi Butterfly Park + Mahua Falls – BV 55

8:00- Meeting in the hotel lobby.

Borneo – a mega biodiversity of the planet Earth and its nature has remained untouched by millions of years!

Crocker National Park is the largest park in Sabah, with a territory of 1399m2. The park grows 8,000 species of plants, many of them endemic and live 5 species of primates, such as orangutans, gibbons, tarsiers and macaques. In the mountains, precipitation 3000-4000mm per year, is a source of water for 1/3 of the state’s population.

8:50- 50 minute drive from the city to the butterfly park, which arrive to drink the nectar of more than 100 species of butterflies! The park is located at an altitude of 700 meters in the park Crocker. In the park you will meet the birds and the cicadas song parodies and rare butterflies, such as Raja Brooks and gold wings of a bird, will surprise you (the park is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays).

In the 15 minute drive from the Butterfly Park, it is the center of Rafflesia. This is a unique opportunity to stroll through this rainforest and see the flower in the wild! Sometimes it takes 1 hour trek through the mountains, sometimes as little as 5 minutes. Here grows the largest type of Rafflesia Pricei, reaching 1m in diameter and justifies the reputation of “corpse flower”, releasing a smell of rotten meat.

It is not always the flower Rafflesia flower, sometimes it can be seen walking along the paths of the park (sezanalnosti the flower is not).

12:30 The tour continues along the winding mountain road to an altitude of 1910 meters, where you can stroll along the paths of the mountain forest with orchids, breathe the mountain air and a break from the heat, because the air temperature is + 20 to + 22 degree Celsius. In the garden, a carnivorous pitcher plants, you can see a huge number and variety of these unique hunters flies!

13:45- Lunch at a local café or picnic at the waterfall.

15:00- Then the road leads through rice fields.

At 26 kilometers from the town of Tambunan it is one of the most beautiful and powerful waterfalls, with the height of 17 meters, creating a misty spray – waterfall blunder! There are restrooms and gazebo. The waterfall is 500m track. Take a refreshing dip in the cool, crystal clear mountain water!

17:00 Return to the hotel. Tour ends.