Crocodile farm (BV-08)

Duration: 3 hours             Departure Time
Frequency: Daily               City hotel: 09: 15/13: 15
Meals: No                          Outskirts Hotel: 09: 45/13: 45

Crocodile farm which was opened back in 2004 is a sanctuary for some 5,000 crocodiles. Among the species of crocodiles kept in the farm are the Buaya Tembaga (Crocodylus Porosus)—which can live both in freshwater and saltwater, the Nile Crocodile, the Aqua Crocodile (bisexual crocodile), and the Gharial Crocodile.

The 11-acre large farm also houses a variety of other animals such as two Borneo Anacondas measuring 28 and 20 feet each, the adorable and friendly Binturong bearcats, ostriches, deer, as well as ponds of catfish and koi fish—which are always in anticipation for visitors to feed them.

09:00 Meet at hotel lobby. Transfer to Crocodile Farm, located 40 km from Kota Kinabalu city.

10:00 Arrive at Crocodile farm.

10:30 Crocodile feeding.

11:00 Crocodile shows.

11:30 Cultural shows.

12:00 Transfer back to hotel. End of tour.

Opening Hours

Open daily from 8.30a.m to 5.30p.m.

*Visitors can observe are the crocodile feeding sessions which are scheduled at 9a.m, 10.30a.m, 12 noon, 12.45p.m, 1.30p.m, 2.15p.m, 4.15p.m, and 4.45p.m daily.

*Other than that, crocodile shows are held at 11a.m and 3p.m Monday to Saturday, and 11a.m, 1p.m and 3p.m on Sundays and public holidays.

*Visitors are also welcomed to watch cultural shows at 11.30a.m and 3.30p.m Monday to Saturday, and 11.30a.m, 1.30p.m and 3.30p.m on Sunday and public holidays.

Things to bring:
* *Comfortable shoes  *Light clothing * Drinking water * Camera * Insect repellent

* Time of departure from many hotels may vary. Please check again in our employees.
* The specified time – indicative and may be amended. The Company is not responsible for changing the time for reasons beyond our control.