Tiga Island Route – In the footsteps of “The Last Hero” (Pulau Tiga)

You will visit the National Natural Marine Park Tiga, which includes two small tropical islands – Tiga Island and Snake Island. The park is located in the town of Kuala Peña (Kuala Penye) 120km south of Kota Kinabalu and is named after the largest island, Pulau Tiga, which the name comes from the three undulating hills, which can be seen in the approach to the island. The islands became reserve in 1933 and is particularly interesting for its nature, hiking trails, and volcanic mud baths. Located on Tiga Island, where in 2000 the shooting took place the first part of Survival series American TV channel CBS. Tiga beautiful, secluded island in the South China Sea. It is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and you can enjoy snorkeling, watch its inhabitants. Here you can meet the sea turtles, dolphins, moray eels, rays and many colorful tropical inhabitants, who are hiding in the coral. The island volcanoes with mud. many birds, butterflies and small mammals among the inhabitants of the island.

Day 1

Standard time of transfer to the international airport in Kota Kinabalu 7.30-7.45 and 12.15-12.30. The car will bring you to the jetty in Kuala Peña, where you will have to wait for the boat at 10.00 and 15.00 respectively. The island from here only 30 minutes by boat. At 10.30 or 15.30 you arrive in PulauTigaResort (PTR) hotel. After checking into the hotel, you can swim with a mask on the beach next to the hotel. After lunch, boat trip on a boat at the nearby Snake Island. It is so popular because there live sea snakes, they climb on the sun-warmed rocks or lay eggs in crevices of rocks. Interestingly, these snakes never leave their island, including the neighboring island of Tiga. After returning to the PTR, you walk to the mud volcano, where you can try to imagine the action of therapeutic mud (if you have no skin disorders or other contraindications for mud therapy). In the evening, dinner is waiting for you, where for an additional fee of 50 ringgit (order at least 4 people) you can enjoy barbecue seafood. After dinner, you can watch the nocturnal inhabitants of the island, it’s night birds and small mammals. It gets dark early in these latitudes, so after 9:00, if there is no cloud, you observe the night sky, which is studded with stars. One can clearly see the constellations that can not be seen in our latitudes. The most famous – the “Southern Cross”, the smallest constellation of the visible in the sky (it is formed by four bright stars), which is bordered by the constellation Centaurus.

Day 2

After breakfast, do not waste time, take the mask and swim among the coral. If you fly from Lankayan Airport at 12.00, then at 9:00 you have to board the boat, since at 10.00 you will have to wait for the car at the pier in Kuala Peña. If such plans,  if you have an evening flight, or you decide to stay for a few days in Kota Kinabalu, you can not be in a hurry to leave the hospitable island and have lunch in the PTR (surcharge for extra lunch will cost 35 ringgit). At 14.00 you will take a boat and take in the 15.00 to the pier where you will have to wait for a car. At 17.00 you will be at the international airport or 17.30 you’ll be at your hotel in the city. If you are located in the Hotel Shangri-La RRR or Nexus Karambunai, the extra charge for an additional transfer will be about 50 ringgit.

2D / 1N Package includes all transfers by car and by boat, accommodation Pulau Tiga Resort (standard or superior room), breakfast, lunch and dinner, sea excursion to Snake Island, the entrance fee for visiting the marine park. Children from 2 to 12 years accompanied by an adult 50% discount for children under 2 years of the package free of charge. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a bathroom with amenities and a shower with hot water.

The package price does not include airfare to Kota Kinabalu and the state fee for the accommodation on the island of -3,60 ringgit per person per night on the island.

What to bring to the island: Toiletries, clothes for the beach, repellents, comfortable shoes and a flashlight.