About Us

Bornean Vanda Travel office is located on the island of Borneo, Sabah, in the city of Kota Kinabalu. Our company is registered under Department of Tourism State of Sabah in Malaysia. You can check us at: http://www.sabahtourism.com

  1. We are a tour operator in Malaysia and the only official tour company in Borneo with Russian-speaking staff.
  2. We work in all areas of Malaysia and provide a full range of travel services for both for Russian travel companies and for foreign ones.
  3. We are the host on Borneo and in Malaysia. Also we work individually with private individuals.

Our services

  • Hotel Reservations;
  • Providing Transportation Service;
  • We sell ready-made Tour Packages
  • We organize excursions with experienced Russian and English-speaking guides, as well as in Latvian.
  • Rent A Car, for both group and individual travellers;
  • Provide Translation Services and Translation of any Documentations;
  • We organise various events: Conferences, Weddings, Photo Sessions, Themed Dinners, Corporate Events.

The founders of Borneo Vanda Travel

Ирина Поплаухина (Irina Poplaukhina)


Born in Siberia.

Was born in Siberia.

“I have been living and working in Malaysia since 1997 and have been working in tourism sector for a very long time. I like to play sports, travel, learn new things and be busy.

I accept difficulties as a lesson that needs to be overcome and to extract something for myself from it. I’ll try to get everything to the end.

Working in tourism, I was attracted by the love of nature, culture and communication, which I’m lack of. I love when the guests are happy with their trip, so I give myself 100% at work. At the moment, I enjoy life in one of the most beautiful places in the world – the island of Borneo, with its rich and beautiful world, I have wonderful friends and relatives who are ready to support and cheer. I have a favorite work that I live and rejoice! “

Инга Вонга (Inga Vonga)

Born in Riga.

“Borneo Island is incredibly beautiful. Eternal Summer, friendly people and delicious food.

I live in Malaysia since 2004 and for several years I have been working in the tourism sector. I am very happy when guests send letters of gratitude. Which mean, I did a good job! “

Company Name

Our company is named after a beautiful flower – Vanda orchid that grows in Borneo, in some parts of vanda-orchidMalaysia and Singapore, and it was founded by an Armenian Lady Agnes Jokhim, back in 1893, in her garden.

The flower is a natural hybrid, between other species of Vanda. Orchid of unusual beauty is pink-lilac with purple and white. In 1981, from many varieties, it was the orchid of Miss Jokhim that became the national flower of Singapore.

The Sun, the sea, white sands, corals and fishes, mountains and waterfalls, caves and rainforests, unique animals and birds – only in Borneo you can find everything for an unforgettable holiday! Your soul will blossom, like the orchids of Borneo!

After all, Borneo is the birthplace of orchids. Here there are 1200 species of wild orchids and more than 2,000 of their subspecies.