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Welcome to the island of Borneo in Malaysia,


Not only relaxing on the beach, but also get acquainted with the amazing nature of this unique island – with lush tropical forests, coral reefs, caves, mountains and the mysterious culture of the indigenous peoples. Borneo is an ideal place for adventure or a relaxing holiday.

The hospitality and friendliness of the people, the variety of dishes and the eternal summer – an unforgettable memories that last for a lifetime.

Once you visit this place it is enough to fall in love with it forever!

  • Relaxation on Borneo it is not only a comfortable hotel by the sea. It is also a paradise for divers,
  • Botanists and all who love nature, adventure and ecotourism. Because here:
  • One of the best diving sites in the world – the island of Sipadan;
  • The highest mountain in south east Asia (4 km) – Kinabalu;
  • The biggest flower in the world (d 1m) – Rafflesia Arnold;
  • The oldest forests in the world (130 million years) – Danum Valley;
  • The largest cave passage in the world (7 km) – Deer cave in Mulu National Park;
  • The oldest station of  (. 40 thousand years BC) and cave paintings in the cave Niah (Sarawak)
  • Endemic animals – Long nose monkey  (proboscis), the pygmy elephant, orang-utan; clouded leopard, and others;
  • Endemic plants – is the smallest and the most expensive wild orchids in the world, the highest (80 m) in the world dipterocarp trees;
  • One of the world’s unique 31-story building with no legs (height 80 m) – Sabah Foundation Building;
  • Cult of cats in Kuching – the world’s largest number of urban sculptures of cats.